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Chimney Cleaning in Connecticut

The key to a safe and enjoyable fireplace for your Connecticut home is regular inspection, chimney cleaning / chimney sweep and servicing when needed. Even if you do not use your fireplace or stove often, fireplace cleaning and service is needed to keep the chimney safe and to prevent possible damage to your home.

Chimney Sweeps in CT

Chimney sweeps in Connecticut should come out once a year to inspect your chimney and determine what services are needed. Even if you don't use your chimney, you should arrange for chimney cleaning and inspection to keep the flue clear of accumulations of sticks and leaves, animal nests and other residue. The chimney should be maintained to make sure that the flue is correctly capped and screened. Chimney sweeps in CT can also check your clay flue for deterioration from exposure to the elements. Accumulation of soot or oil can block your chimney and increase the list of fire in your home.

Chimney Cleaning Inspection

If you use a fireplace or wood-burning stove, Sean Clark Chimney, a premier chimney cleaning company in Old Lyme, Connecticut, will start with a video inspection to show you the current state of your flue. Then, any creosote deposits will be removed to reduce the risk of dangerous chimney fires and help eliminate unpleasant smokiness in the home.

Service for coal, oil or gas flues also start with an inspection. Depending on what is discovered, the chimney will be cleaned as needed to remove soot and obstructions so that all fumes are vented safely from your home.

Chimney Flue Liners

Clay flue liners can break down over time. Condensation and water exposure can break down the construction materials and reduce the effectiveness of gas and oil-burning appliances in your home. Chimney fires can also cause damage, requiring the lining to be replaced. In some cases in older homes, the chimney may have no lining at all. Adding one can bring your home up to today's safety standards.

We offer a line of stainless steel chimney liners that can correct any chimney flue problems and allow you to safely enjoy your home's fireplace or stove. We have a range of sizes so that you can have exactly the system you need for safe and efficient operation.

Chimney Maintenance & Cleaning

Periodic maintenance allows you to keep warm in the winter with the confidence that your home is safe. When you hire a Connecticut chimney cleaning service like Sean Clark Chimney, you can ensure that your system is in safe working order, allowing you know that your home is structurally safe and to enjoy the warmth of a fire on chilly New England nights.

Please contact us for more information on chimney sweeping services in Connecticut.